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Bill Meridian's Early-Warning Service is a monthly e-mail that highlights the most probable S&P turning points during the month. Many services utilize Gann-Fibonacci methods and many employ planetary techniques, but few can combine both well. Each issue pinpoints the high-probability turning points for short-term OEX traders and features market commentary. Individual stocks are also recommended by Bill's unique and proprietary methods of planetary stock trading. E-mails or faxes are sent on a timely basis in the last week of each month.

The service clearly warned of a bearish third quarter in 1998 with a low in October to be followed by a strong technology rally. More recently, the April rally in the energy, cap goods, and basic materials stocks was forecasted in a late March special report. The former forecast was also issued on Reuters Television in the spring of 1998. The 1999 third quarter decline and subsequent technology rally into 2000 was also a direct hit. Most recently, the August 31 letter predicted the September 2000 decline. These predictions were well worth the price of this annual service.

Bill has been a leader in researching planetary techniques for 20 years. He invented the AstroAnalyst, the first software that correlates the planets and any time series. He worked with Air Software to develop the Market Trader, the most comprehensive software for this type of research. Most recently, he published Planetary Stock Trading III, featuring 1,000 horoscopes of first trade of US stocks, and Planetary Economic Forecasting. Bill was a VP in Paine Webber's technical analysis department during the 1980s bull market. He currently is a fund manager. InAugust 2002, Timer's Digest named Bill Meridian's Cycles Research the #1 market timer for 2001-2002.

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