Computerized Stock Selection and
Portfolio Management
(from, Bill Meridian's Planetary Stock Trading

Once chart patterns that fit one's requirements are isolated, you must identify horoscopes that fit the mold. The Financial Trader features a scanner that enables the user to screen hundreds of charts instantly. For example, stocks with the Sun in Taurus usually outperform the averages. The Research module of the program can easily find stock charts with certain planetary positions, aspects, midpoints, etc.

For example, in 1993 and 1994, the sequence of eclipses in Taurus-Scorpio and the passage of Jupiter into Scorpio were noted. Any stock that began trading in the last decade must have natal Pluto in Scorpio. In addition, there was the series of Jupiter-Saturn oppositions in Cancer-Capricorn in 1989-1990. (One financial astrologer predicted that this relatively benign grouping of Jupiter opposite Saturn and Neptune in late 1989 would collapse the market and the national financial structure, which it did not.) Therefore, in 1994, transiting Jupiter would have to conjoin natal Pluto, trine natal Jupiter, and sextile Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune in the horoscopes of any stock that began trading in 1989-1990. These are all favorable aspects, and the influence of the eclipses was an added kicker. Stratus Computer is an example.

One can also test stock groups to find the common elements within a group. For example, we could separate a group that has outper-formed or under performed the market over a given time period. The Wall Street Jour-nal prints a daily list of the biggest gainers and losers every day. Barrons does the same for the week and for each quarter. Value Line also has winners and losers for the previous 13 weeks. But the most valuable function is the ability to easily identify charts that are being acti-vated by upcoming transits, stations, or eclipses. This module enables us to scan all the charts to see which ones are being activated by an upcoming event.
Select the degree of the January 4,1992 solar eclipse at 13 Capricorn 51. Remember, this eclipse was also conjunct transiting Uranus. Select conjunctions only and a four degree orb applying and separating. The Scanner is asked only to look for conjunctions to Jupiter in the trade charts. Within seconds, 700 NYSE charts were scanned. The performance of the group 90 days later is listed in the table above.